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Training Videos
Machine Start Up
Machine Shut Down
ATC Operation
Machine Modes
Starting a Prgram
Program Basics
Part Setup
Part Setup Center of Part
Tool Setup
Importing Tools
Tool Probing
Probing - Calibration
Speeds and Feeds
Milling a Thread
Safe ATC Position
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Hurco Winmax Mill CNC Programming Tips
On-Site Hurco Training
Hurco CNC Mill and Lathe Service
Please feel free to print the helpful notes listed above
I have been an applications engineer for Hurco's top Distributor for the last 24 years. In the past I won Hurco's  first "Top Gun" CNC applications engineer challenge.

We can provide you with all your Winmax or Ultimax programming needs including on-site training, CNC Service and telephone support.
This site is intended for Customers who have attended our Hurco programming class or have a telephone support contract. Machine tools are dangerous if not used properly so please read all Safety and Operator manuals provided by Hurco and use proper safety equipment before operating your Hurco Machine.
If your interested in any of our services please contact me via email or call 781-801-2500.

Thank You

Tom Lemaire


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