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Hole Data Blocks

Hole Data Blocks are used for Center Drilling, Drilling, Tapping, Reaming and Boreing Holes. A hole Data Blocks must have a minimum of 2 sections... a How and Where


 "How"  is what you are doing to the hole Examples of How Operations are Drill Operations, Tap Operations, Bore/Ream Operations and Back Spotface.


"Where"  is where the holes are going... Locations or Bolt Circle


You can have 2 or 3 Hole operations and then the Locations/Bolt Circle and it will preform all the operations to those locations... This means you can center, drill and tap a set of holes with just 1 Data Block. Here is an example of a Bolt Circle:


1.          Input – Erase Functions – Erase All

2.          Name your new Program…

3.          Set up 3 tools as described in Tool Setup 

      Setup a  .125Drill,  .203 Drill, .25 Tap

4.          Go to Input than Choose Part Programming

5.          Choose Holes than Drill Operations than Center


6.          .05 for Z Start

7.          -.1 for the Z bottom

8.          Enter 1 or the Select Tool softkey

 9.   RPM’s and Plunge Feed will load

10.     Now select Next Hole Operation to go to the next


11.     Chose Drill Operation than Drill

12.     .05 for Z start

13.     -1.0 for Z Bottom

14.     Enter 2 or the Select Tool softkey

15.     If you used SFM in Tool Setup the speeds and

      feeds should be there so Enter past

16.     Peck Depth type .1 Leave Peck Type at Standard

17.    Select  Next Hole Operation

18.     Tap Operation than Rigid Tap

19.     Enter 3 or the Selec Tool softkey

20.     .05 for Z Start

21.     -.8 for Z Bottom

22.     Feeds and Speeds should be there from Tool Setup

23.     Select Next Hole Operation and choose Bolt Circle

24.     Enter 6 for the Number of Holes

25.     Zero is the center of the part so type in 0 for the X and 0 for the Y

26.     The Diameter is 4.75" type in 4.75/2 giving you 2.375 (Radius)

27.     Start Angle is 0

28.     Skip List is used if we did not want to do all the holes but we do so leave empty

29.     Draw the part by pressing the round Draw button 2 times Toms Cell 781-801-2500