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Starting a Prgram
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Starting a Prgram
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Starting a new WinMax Program keeping your Tool Setup

To Start a New Program from scratch...
Press the INPUT key
Press the Program Manager Softkey
Press the New Softkey
Press the Save As Softkey and name the program...
To take advantage of the new WinMax control, we have been training our customers to use the Tool Setup from the program they were previously working on. To do this you need to follow the following steps...
First save your current program...
     Press the Input key
     Press the Program Manager Softkey
     Press the Save softkey
Next lets Rename your program....
     Press the Save As Softkey
     Type in your new name than press the Enter key. If you do not have a keyboard press the ALT+Input keys at the same time and the keyboard will come up...
Last lets delete the program blocks from the previous program...
    Press the Input key
    Press the Erase Functions Softkey
    Press the Erase Program softkey
    At the promp Press the OK Button
    Press the Input Button than Part Programing Softkey to start your new program Toms Cell 781-801-2500