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Training Videos
Machine Start Up
Machine Shut Down
ATC Operation
Machine Modes
Starting a Prgram
Program Basics
Part Setup
Part Setup Center of Part
Tool Setup
Importing Tools
Tool Probing
Probing - Calibration
Speeds and Feeds
Milling a Thread
Safe ATC Position
Useful Links

Uploading a Program VIA RS232C


1.   Press the Aux/Menu  or Auxiliary Button on a Dual Screen control

2. Press the Utility Screen Icon

2.   Press the More Softkey

3. Press the Serial IO Softkey

4. Press the Begin Reading From Port 1 Softkey

5. Press the Read CONV From Port 1 Softkey

6. Go to your PC and send the file to the machine

7. Press Input Button

8. Press the Programing Manager Softkey

9. Press the Save As Softkey

10. Type in the program name

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