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Tool Probing

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Machine Start Up
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ATC Operation
Machine Modes
Starting a Prgram
Program Basics
Part Setup
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Tool Setup
Importing Tools
Tool Probing
Probing - Calibration
Speeds and Feeds
Milling a Thread
Safe ATC Position
Useful Links

1.    Press the Input Key

2.    Press the Tool Review than Tool Setup Softkey

3.    Enter the Tool Number then press ATC Auto to get the tool if needed

4.    Enter all the tool info and skip the Zero Calibration field

5.    When the tool information is entered press the Tool Probing Softkey

6.    Press the Select Tool Probe Cycle Softkey

7. Press the Lenght Softkey

8.    At the Rapid Position use a tape measure and measure the distance from the tool tip to around 1” above the tool probe pad. Enter this as a negative number

9.    Select The Oriented Softkey

10.    At the Fast feed enter 75

11.    At the Slow feed enter 5.

12.    At the Minimum Z enter measure the distance from the tool tip to a spot just past the pad as a negative number

13.    Enter an offset in the X  and Y if needed to hit in a flute if the tool is too big

14.    Select the Yes Softkey to include in Multi-Tool Probing if you want to include it in this function

15.  Press the Probe Current Tool Now or the Probe Multiple Tools Softkey to start the probing Toms Cell 781-801-2500