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Milling a Thread
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How to cut a thread using a Thread Mill


In this example we are going to mill a thread using a .75 Thread milling tool. Imuge sells a very nice one that I have used in the past.


Set up the .75 thread mill in Tool Setup


Go into Part Programming and program a milling datablock to clear the material away for the thread mill. we are going to cut a 2" 10 TPI so mill out to the minor diameter of 1.759"



Goto a new datablock


Select the MILLING then  LINES AND ARCS Soft Key


Enter X Start To Half the Tool Diameter: IE:  -.375

Y Start to 0 – Z Start .05 – Z Bottom -1.0


Enter the Tool # you setup to cut the thread with...


Set your Offset to Left and ENABLE BLEND MOVES to “NO”


Press the NEXT SEGMENT Softkey


Choose ARC then CCW Softkey


X End Will be of the Diameter of the thread... 1.0"


Y End will be 0 - X Center Leave Blank - Y Center Enter 0


Press the NEXT SEGMENT Softkey


Press the HELIX Softkey


Press the CCW Softkey


X End will be the Same or Leave Blank - Y End Enter 0 -nZ End Leave Blank - X & Y Center Enter 0


Radius will be Calculated


Lead will be 1 / Pitch or in this case 1/10


Sweep Angle will be calculated at 360 –If you wanted more turns, change it i.e. 3 Turns – 1,080


Press the NEXT SEGMENT Softkey


Press the ARC Softkey


Press the CCW Softkey


The X End will be where we started -.375 / Y End will be 0


Skip X Center and Enter 0 For Y Center – the rest will be calculated


Press DRAW – You may want to press the GRAPHIC SETTINGS Soft Key and set SHOW GRAPHICS to “Tool Path” to get a clean Image.

Then EXIT and REDRAW Toms Cell 781-801-2500