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Machine Modes

Training Videos
Machine Start Up
Machine Shut Down
ATC Operation
Machine Modes
Starting a Prgram
Program Basics
Part Setup
Part Setup Center of Part
Tool Setup
Importing Tools
Tool Probing
Probing - Calibration
Speeds and Feeds
Milling a Thread
Safe ATC Position
Useful Links

The Three Main Machine Modes

Manual Machine Mode

              * Starting The Machine

              * Changing Tools

              * Manual Function Setup

              * Machine Shut Down


Input Mode

                  * Part Setup

                  *  Tool Review - Tool Setup

                  * Program Parameters

                  * Part Programming (Data Blocks)

                  * Project Manager (Saving and Loading Programs)


Auto Mode

                * Check For Errors

                * Compute Estimated Run Time

                * Run Program

                * Recovery Restart

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