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Probing - Calibration
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Calibrating The Renishaw OMP40 Part Probe

Ring Gauge Calibration Procedure

  • Load the OMP40 Part Probe into the spindle and with a .0001" dial indicator adjust the tip of the probe to within .0002". There are 4 recessed allen screws to make this adjustment.
  • Mount 2” ring gauge that came with the probe  on to the machine table then indicate the center or ring gauge so the spindle is in positioned at its center. Record the machine X-Y position's
  • Load the “Part Probe” into the machine keeping it at the center of the ring gauge
  • Press the Input Button then PART SETUP Softkey 
  • Press the PART PROBING Softkey 
  • Select RING GAUGE METHOD Softkey
  • Enter “2” for ring gauge diameter
  • Store position of the recorded XY Positions in the  the X&Y Location field. You can use the STORE MACHINE POSITION Softkey if you have not moved the machine 
  • Press USE GAUGE TO GET X-Y OFFSET Softkey Then the Cycle Start button 

The move will move and record the deflection for every 10 degrees of the Ring gauge.

Go back to Part Probing and Probe a Circle to re-measure the ring gauge to verify the size and location of the ring Gauge. Toms Cell 781-801-2500