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Program Basics
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Starting a Prgram
Program Basics
Part Setup
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Tool Probing
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Safe ATC Position
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Hurco Programing Basics...

After starting a new program you need to complete the 4 sections that make up a program. Part Setup is where you find your parts X-Y zero in relation to machine zero. Tool Setup is where you describe the tool type and diameter, speeds and feeds you want to run the tool at and calibrateing the tool tip to the zero point on the part. Program Parameters are where you set your retract clearance and other parameters such as turning on the Safe Tool Change. Finally, you have Part Programing. This is where you make your actual program. The program consist of Data Blocks as follows:


Position Blocks – XY Positioning Stop’s  for loading parts and moving clamps or for sending an Index Pulse to an indexer unit


 Hole Blocks – Drilling, Tapping, Boring, Reaming locations and Bolt Circles


Milling Blocks – Lines & Arcs, Circles, Frames, Facing, Ellipses, Lettering and 3-D option


Pattern Blocks – Loop Rectangular, Loop Linear, Loop Rotate, Pattern Locations, Scaling, Mirror Image and Pattern End. The Pattern block must be located before the Data and a Pattern Block where you want to stop the Pattern. They can be nested up to 10 Deep.


Miscellaneous – Graphics On/Off, Parameter Change, Change Part Setup, Machine Functions


Rotary Blocks (Optional) – Rotary Positions, Rotary Lines and Arcs, Rotary Patterns Toms Cell 781-801-2500