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VC Auto Spa Detailing Price List




I.    Not Your Average Car Wash

We hand wash you vehicle with a microfiber mitt as well as clean rims and tires. We microfiber towel dry the exterior, rims and door jambs.
We then vacuum the entire interior of the vehicle and wipe down dashboard and consoles.

We finish by dressing the tires, cleaning windows inside and out as well as adding a fresh sent to the vehicle.

II.   Express Detail

Start with a “Not Your Average Car Wash”.

Then we hand wax the vehicle, shampoo floor mats and add a dressing to the dashboard and consoles. We even use forced air to blow out vents and all those nooks and crannies!


Prices Start at $50

Prices Start at $100



I.    Exterior Spoiling

We start with a complete wash, degreasing and removing contaminants from the paint surface with a clay bar. The vehicle is completely dried with forced air and microfiber towels. Once the vehicle is completely dried we remove bugs, tar and other substances that require extra attention after the wash. The rims, tires and wheel wells are cleaned and dressed.

We high speed buff the paint to remove minor scratches and imperfections. The paint is then sealed with the highest quality “Collinite” wax (detergent proof).

We finish by polishing aluminum and chrome, dress any rubber and vinyl as well as clean windows and mirrors.

Your vehicle will look better than the day you picked it up at the dealer!


II.   Interior Spoiling

We start by vacuuming the entire vehicle as well as using forced air to blow out every square inch of the interior. We follow that with a full shampoo of the dash, consoles, vents, seats and carpet.

Once the interior is squeaky clean, we condition all vinyl and leather with highest quality dressings.

We finish by making windows almost invisibly clean, mirrors spotless and deodorize the entire vehicle with an undetectable fresh smell.


You may never want to get out of your vehicle after this experience!


Prices Start at $125

Prices Start at $115


Complete Detail Pricing is as Follows:



Mid Size




Oversized SUVs and Mini-Vans


*NOTE: Prices may vary due to vehicle condition


ADDITIONAL SERVICES – priced per job

1.      Scratch Removal

5.      Engine Steam and Degreasing

2.      Paint Rejuvenation

6.      Motorcycle Detailing

3.      Carpet Repair

7.      Pin Striping

4.      Vinyl Graphics

→ if it’s not listed, please ask because we probably offer it!







Remember VC Auto Spa is a unique service brought TO YOU for the utmost in luxury and convenience!