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Hurco Programming Notes

Program Parameters

Message Board
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Hurco Mfg.
Product Line
Starting Your Hurco
Turning Off Your Hurco
Safe Tool Changer Position
Changing Tools
Starting a New Program
Part Setup
Finding Part Center
Tool Setup
Menu Structure
Hurco Program Structure
Storing and Loading Programs
Changing to G-Codes
NC Tools Calibration
Surface Speeds
Hole Blocks
Lines & Arcs Example

PROGRAM PARAMETERS Things to change/check


1.  Press the Input key then Program Parameters Softkey

2.  Set your Retract at 1.0”

3.  Cursor down to First Peck Offset and set at .05

4.  Cursor down to Move To Safe Pos During ATC and set to YES


Milling Parameters

Blend Offset – Can’t be more than the Circle Radius- Tool Radius

Blend Overlap – Default is .125

X-Y Finish Amount – Default is .01

Z Finish Amount – Default is .005

Climb or Conventional Mill on Pockets, Circles, Frames and Ellipses

Straight or Helix Plunge

Operator Specifies Start Point on Pockets

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